Important Factors When Choosing Taxi Minibus Insurance

More taxi operators today are choosing to drive an MPV or Minibus because of its extra space and carrying capacity. Minibuses can carry more than four passengers and there is no need to turn away those with too much luggage. But there are extra costs involved with driving a larger vehicle, one of these being minibus insurance.

It is important to get the right insurance for your vehicle but at the right price. With some commercial vehicle insurers you may end up paying too much as they apply a standard cover which is not suitable for your specific requirements. This is why it is recommended to seek advice from a specialist insurer such as The Minibus Club. They will tailor the policy to your needs and ensure you are not being over charged.

Below are 5 important features that should be considered before choosing your minibus insurance policy:

1) Public Liability Cover.
To satisfy local government requirements you will need an indemnity limit of at least £5 million.

2) Uninsured Loss Recovery.
When in an accident there is a chance the other driver is uninsured. Uninsured loss recovery will cover the cost of an appointed lawyer and legal costs, usually up to £100,000.

3) Breakdown and Recovery Assistance.
Make sure the facility is provided by one of the larger breakdown assistance companies like the AA and includes Homestart. This is important for those cold winter mornings when your minibus won’t start.

4) Protected No Claims Bonus.
To qualify for this you will usually need evidence of at least 5 years no claims as a taxi driver.

5) 24 hour/ 365 days Freephone Helpline.
This is very important as you never know when you may need some advice from your insurers.

It is normal for your insurers to ask if 2 way communications are used in the provision of your taxi service and if you have regular contracts such as school transport and hospital visits. has more information about what to expect when applying for taxi minibus insurance.

Passenger Transport Insurance is a competitive marketplace. With a little research you will soon find the right policy at the right price. The has a useful tool on their website for an immediate minibus insurance quote. This is a great place to start your search.