Audi Taxi insurance

In mainland Europe, Audi taxis are everywhere to be seen. The make, especially the A6, fulfils all the requirements for drivers who want their customers to have a smooth, comfortable ride. This is ideal for journeys on long, straight roads, but not so economical around town.

 In the UK, taxis will invariably spend most of their time either around town or on airport runs. Audi offers a range of vehicles that will make passengers feel comfortable from the beginning to the end of their journey. Choosing a taxi is a difficult decision, depending on fuel economy, initial price, cost of insurance, resale value and many more factors.

 Opting for an Audi A6, A7, or Avant will naturally put your taxi into the luxury end of the market. It will be a waste of money to use it picking up people from nightclubs, and all the hassle that goes with it, when you could be cruising executives to and from the airport, on longer runs, Negotiating with your insurer could see your premiums come down if there is less risk of hordes of clubbers spoiling the upholstery.

 Any high-end vehicle, such as an Audi, will incur a higher insurance premium than a run of the mill car, but the investment will be worth it in the long run, if the taxi is used sensibly. A top of the range vehicle is what some customers expect or demand – business people don’t want to be seen getting out of a second-hand Japanese car. Having an Audi taxi means offering more than just a ride. The Audi range is based on luxury, and owning an Audi taxi means giving your customers just that little bit more for their money. The cost of insurance will be indicative of this, but your taxi company should realise this is a good investment for the future.