Citroen cars have come a long way since the student and teacher favourite, the classic French styled 2CV. Modern Citroens are part of a comprehensive range, many of which are ideally suited for taxi service.

The most popular Citroen taxis include the C5 Saloon, Nemo Multispace and the terrific nine-seater Dispatch Combi. Although these models are designed with the non-commercial market in mind, they suit the commercial world of taxi driving superbly. Build quality throughout the Citroen range is excellent, representing great value for money, and afford an excellent journey for taxi passengers, whether going to and from a special occasion or just coming home from an evening out.

When it comes to insuring a Citroen taxi, there are many options available. But the cheapest price will not always give you the best cover. Taxi driving insurance is a specialized area, and it is not always a good idea for professional drivers to use insurers who are more concerned with the domestic market.

Passengers seeing a Citroen taxi draw up to take them to their destination will be comforted and delighted at the vehicle’s stylish and clean design. The ride will be smooth – if they don’t notice the vehicle in which they are travelling, then the driver can be sure he has delivered a good service.

The range of modern Citroens has something for everyone. It is well worth thinking about the nine-seat Dispatch Combi. Although this model may cost a little bit more to buy, and to run, the benefits of a taxi which can accommodate more passengers in one journey could turn out to be of great advantage in the long term. This model is ideal for longer journeys, but for those driving a Citroen taxi around town only, the smaller models, such as the Nemo Multispace, offer great value for money.