Fiat cars have undergone a huge rebirth in recent years, and people’s perceptions of the brand have changed accordingly. Where Fiats were once seen as small, cheap cars, the company now offers a range of vehicles which are favoured by many taxi drivers in the UK.

The Bravo is a popular model, compact but surprisingly roomy, as is the Panda. For more passengers, the Multipla and Doblo can take up to seven people. Across the range, modern Fiats have superb styling, both individually and as a whole. Taxi drivers who own a Fiat will tell you that their customers enjoy a comfortable ride in these vehicles.

There is a wide range of companies offering Fiat taxi insurance, and these specialist insurers offer many options. It is essential to know exactly what you require from your policy, e.g. windscreen or tyre cover, before taking out insurance. Specialist taxi insurance companies will naturally be better suited to a taxi driver’s needs than one that is aimed at the domestic market.

One of the best things about investing in a Fiat taxi is the brand’s economy on the road. As well as being stylish to look at, both inside and outside, the brand’s fuel economy makes them a winner with professional drivers. This applies both in and around town as well as on longer runs. Taxi customers will not feel let down when they see a Fiat taxi pull up to their door, nor during their journey.

The entire Fiat range is available in a variety of radical colours, offering a distinctive feel for the small operator as well as providing a great choice for noticeable fleet branding. A Fiat taxi will certainly stand out in the crowd. Inside, the Multipla and Doblo models offer a great variety of seating options, to accommodate passengers of all shapes and sizes.