Finding cheap cab insurance doesn’t have to be difficult

The taxi insurance market is booming at the moment with hundreds of insurance providers trying to offer the cheapest quotes to bag your business. Being a cab driver can be hard work, particularly in the tough financial climate as less people can afford to go out, or are taking cheaper forms of public transport instead. This makes finding cheap cab insurance an absolute must as you want to ensure that your outgoings are as low as possible.

It is legally required that all motorists have at least third party liability insurance in place before driving on UK road, the same applies to cab drivers but there are some additional extras that need to be considered too. As running a taxi service is a business cab drivers will require business interruption cover, as public liability insurance to protect themselves against claims from their passengers.

This is really the most basic level of cover so will be cheap cab insurance but the cheapest policy may not be the most effective. Without reading the policy terms, policyholders will try and make a claim on the insurance only to find that their policy does not provide that cover. Taxi drivers wanting complete protection would benefit more from finding a comprehensive policy but taking measures which could turn it into cheap cab insurance.

There are several ways to get suitable cheap cab insurance cover which will protect the taxi driver and his business when it is most vulnerable. The first step to take is to find out exactly what you require covered, there may be things included into a fully comprehensive policy that you do not need. If this is the case ask the insurer to provide you with a bespoke quote which will not include these additional items.

Secondly, compare policies by using online price comparison tools and find the company offering the top cheap cab insurance quotes and contact them directly. When you are providing your details ensure that you inform the insurer of your taxi driving experience, your claim history and anything else that could reduce your annual premium.