Finding the Right Taxi Insurance

Finding the right taxi insurance, or private hire insurance, is really not a hard task to complete once you know what to look for from the taxi insurance offers you get. There are also several insurance companies and insurance experts specialising in private and public hire insurances, offering their service to tailor-make your taxi insurance to best suit your needs. This might not be necessary, or probably will be too expensive, in some cases. Some aspects you need to put into consideration; by knowing which, you will find it easy to spot the best taxi insurance for your vehicle. These aspects are: quotes, benefits, and customer or claim service.

It is only natural to compare quotes before getting an insurance policy. It might consume a bit of your time, but it will be well worth it since you get the best possible fees-benefits ratio. What you need to remember is not to look for the lowest quote, but the one giving most benefits with an affordable premium. It would also be better if you can review your insurance policy prior to getting it. You will be able to spot terms and conditions, as well as several minor requirements that might exist, and make sure you are fully protected.

Next, see what benefits you get from a taxi insurance policy. Make sure your taxi insurance provides public liability cover, with an indemnity limit of at least £5 million, for your best interests.

The government is regulating public liability cover as a requirement; therefore, you must make sure this is part of your taxi insurance plan. Breakdown and recovery assistance will help you maintain smooth day-to-day operations, especially when they include “Homestart” or similar coverage that will help you start your car. This would be very useful should your car not start for some reason. A 24/7 free phone line, for both assistance and claims, is definitely a plus. You should be able to contact them anytime you need, as filing a claim or requesting assistance should be done directly after an accident occurs. Besides, it is nice to know there is someone out there standing by 24/7 to make sure you get what you need. Several other benefits such as uninsured loss recovery and no claim bonus will also be great additional benefits.

Lastly, you need to make sure it is not hard to file a claim. You must be able to contact them directly (which is why the 24/7 free help line is important) after you are involved in an accident, to get guidance regarding what measures to take. In this case, you will also get mechanical assistance should your car be non-operational after the accident. Instant claim handling and approval will enable you to operate your taxi again as soon as possible after an accident, since the insurance company will ensure repairs as fast as possible to get you back on the street.

Once you understand these factors, and consider which ones you need the most, it will be easy for you to spot the taxi insurance suitable for your needs.