Ford cars have a long history of reliability, and that is just one of the reasons that they are favoured by taxi drivers and other professionals. The most popular model in the range is undoubtedly the five-seater Mondeo, regularly re-styled and updated, while the Galaxy is a favourite for those taxi drivers who need to carry up to six passengers in comfort.

Ford cars are inexpensive when compared to other makes, and their big selling point is the ubiquity of the brand, which means that spare parts are in ready supply and don’t cost as much as those for some other makes of car. Because of this, owners of Ford taxis can find some great deals on insurance, if they are prepared to do a bit of work searching for the best type of cover.

Ford cars are often seen as more reliable than luxurious, but newer models have all the features that you would expect on more upmarket taxis. New Mondeos, for instance, have a range of useful features as standard, such as trip computer, capless refuelling and driver’s knee airbag included in its Intelligent Protection System. All these add up to a comfortable ride for passengers and that of the driver, who will spend his whole working week in the vehicle.

Because of the Ford range’s reliability, there are great deals to be had on second-hand taxis as well as new models. For taxi drivers who need to transport more customers, a new or used Tourneo offers room to carry up to eight passengers, and its low roof allows easy access to places such as airport car parks and multi-storey car parks, which may not be used by taller vehicles. But whichever Ford taxi you choose, reliability across the whole range means you will spend less time off the road instead of being out there earning a living.