Many professional drivers are now choosing a Honda taxi as their first option, and with good reason. The Honda range offers such models as the Civic Hybrid and the CR-V, both ideal for either short or long journeys.

Through a large investment in engineering and design research, Honda cars have taken their place in the world of motor sport, and the innovations developed here have been incorporated into the range of road vehicles. What began life as a series of cheap vehicles in the UK, with the emphasis firmly on economy, is now a range of respected vehicles across the spectrum, which can compete on equal terms with other manufacturers.

The Civic Hybrid, a deserved favourite with taxi drivers, has many features included as standard, which some other manufacturers expect you to pay extra for. These include ABS, on-board computer, power steering and multi-function steering wheel. There are many more welcome features to be appreciated by both taxi drivers and their passengers on both the Civic Hybrid and the five-seater CR-V.

One legacy of Honda’s history as an economy range is that, if something does go wrong, taxi drivers won’t be faced with a long delay, or a large bill at the garage. The Honda taxi will be back on the road in no time at all if a repair or maintenance is necessary. Indeed, surveys have shown that Honda vehicles are among the most reliable makes available in the UK.

When taking out Honda taxi insurance, you will be at an advantage, as their proven reliability makes them a cheaper option. This means that shopping around is sure to find you a great deal on cover, with many options available. Used Honda models are still found to be reliable years after purchase, and choosing a Honda taxi will save you money on insurance, fuel and garage bills.