How To Find Cheap Minibus Insurance

As a general rule minibus insurance is more expensive than cover for traditional car or trucks but that does not mean that you have to pay over the odds for it. Here are some helpful tips for finding cheap minibus insurance.

1. Take an additional driving course such as Defensive Driving or Pass Plus
It may only be a legal requirement to pass a UK driving test but additional courses can bring down high insurance premiums. These courses will provide the driver with a certificate if they pass successfully, it is important that drivers’ keep hold of this as proof for the insurance company.

2. Take out other insurance policies from the same provider
If you take out insurance policies for a variety of different things such as home insurance, life insurance, and medical insurance, the provider may be more inclined to offer cheap minibus insurance. Companies like to reward loyal customers, but it is worth getting quotes before signing multiple policies.

3. Add multiple drivers to the policy
Rather than taking out separate insurance policies for each individual driver, you could get cheap minibus insurance by adding the drivers on to one policy as additional drivers.

4. Compare annual premiums
One of the best ways to reduce the cost of insurance is simply to shop around more. Searching for cheap minibus insurance is easy now thanks to the internet, no more ringing individual companies or going for meetings, simply fill out one form and submit it to an online comparison website.

5. Level of cover
There are three different levels of insurance, the same as car insurance, third party only; third party, fire and theft; and comprehensive. The cheapest minibus insurance is third party, the most basic cover, but you will need to establish whether this is able to meet your needs.

Finding good minibus insurance that isn’t too expensive is not impossible, just remember to look at all aspects of the policy and not just the price.