How to Get a Cheap Taxi Insurance

Using an insurance broker to carry out researches to find the most competitive taxi insurance has been an effective way of getting cheap taxi insurance for many years.

For those who don’t have time to sit sifting through the different online insurance companies – or are unable able to make personal visits to insurance offices – an insurance broker is a great choice.

Many insurance brokers have moved forward with the times, and can easily be found online. Their services remain the same as in the past. They carry out the researches on your behalf and provide a number of different insurance quotes.

It is worth remembering that insurance brokers do not all work in partnership with the same insurance companies. Therefore it is still worth asking more than one broker to find you Cheap Taxi Insurance.

Luckily, with the increase of online insurance companies finding your own cheap taxi insurance has become very easy.

Cheap does not necessarily mean the best. Many insurance companies will provide a cheap quote but when you look at what the policy will actually cover it may not be suitable to meet legal requirements for driving a taxi. It is advisable to use insurance brokers and insurance companies who specialise in taxi insurance.

The credit crunch is hitting insurance companies as hard as many other industries. They are looking to gain new customers and trying to ensure existing customers are well looked after so that they renew their policies year after year. Many are offering cheap taxi insurance for new customers.

Rather than wait until your insurance is near to expiry it is worth getting a number of quotes and weigh up the pros and cons of each before deciding which company to sign up with.

If you have a number of taxis, a fleet insurance policy can provide Cheap Taxi Insurance. The number of taxis required to meet the criteria of what constitutes a fleet differs between insurance companies.

Some companies will offer fleet insurance for two or more vehicles, but generally the criteria is four or five. Again it is well worth shopping around online to find an insurance company that specialises in fleet taxi insurance.

Experienced taxi drivers can take advantage of cheap taxi insurance offers. The insurance companies will need proof of your taxi driving experience. This is usually determined by the length of time the driver has held their local authority taxi driving license.

Restricting the number of drivers on the policy can also be used to make huge savings, particularly if driving is restricted to the only the owner.

Those who have not made any claims for over two years can also be offered cheap insurance as huge no claims discount bonuses can be had. A no claims bonus can provide significant savings, with many insurers offering discounts of between 20 to 60% discount.

A Cheap Taxi Insurance policy can equate to lower cover with many restrictions and limitations. Therefore take advantage of the services and experience of insurance brokers or companies to find the most competitive policy to suit your taxi business needs.