Instant Online Taxi Insurance: Why it’s Essential for Your Business

As a taxi driver, your livelihood depends on your car and as it is you who is ultimately responsible for both the vehicle and your passengers, it is essential that you make sure you are well protected financially before even considering settling down into the driver’s seat.

The majority of instant online taxi insurers provide a standard set of several basic features including cover in case of an accident or breakdown and liability insurance, which protects you and your passengers against any injuries that occur. In some cases, there is the possibility that even though a passenger is not inside your car, you may still be held liable for their safety.

Some specialist online taxi insurance policies will cover these types of circumstances, as long as the passenger in question is either being escorted by you or is in your custody. These additional sorts of benefits may prove to be extremely useful one day, so keep an eye out for them.

Individual drivers can also enjoy the many benefits of instant online taxi insurance – plenty of insurers will provide a replacement vehicle if yours is unfit for the road, meaning you can swiftly get back to work without worrying about any potential losses in income. Some instant online taxi insurance policies even cover you if you break down on the side of the road, offering peace of mind should you become stranded.

If you own a larger taxi fleet then it becomes just as important to provide instant online taxi insurance to cover your employees and your business. There are often many additional advantages of buying taxi fleet insurance; some instant online taxi insurance companies provide ample discounts for this type of cover, meaning you generally save a lot of money insuring your fleet.

Other online taxi insurers may also allow you to add multiple drivers to each of your cars, which is great if you need to switch drivers around. Having this additional extra will push up your premiums though, particularly for any younger employees, meaning that the cost for one of your drivers may be doubled in price for someone else, even when registered to the same vehicle, so remember to bare this in mind.