Instant Taxi Insurance: Why it’s a good idea

As a taxi driver, one of your primary responsibilities is getting passengers from A to B in one piece and on time, so by ensuring you’re covered through a reliable provider of instant taxi insurance, you can get on with your job without having to worry about the financial implications of any accidents or damages that occur to either yourself or your customers.

Many online instant taxi insurance companies will cover you immediately, or within 24 hours of taking out a policy, allowing you to start earning straight away.

Your instant taxi insurance quote will depend on a number of factors such as:
• Your age – insurance for a younger driver is normally more expensive than for an older driver.
• How long you have been a taxi badge holder – you can often get discounted rates from being an experienced driver with no previous claims.
• The age, make and model of your car.
• Any additional extras, such as a replacement vehicle if yours is off the road.
• Whether or not you want to include public liability cover – usually an optional extra, but always highly recommended, particularly for big cities (think of the weekend crowd coming out of the pubs!)
• Legal cover – this is strongly recommended by most insurers.
• Where you live and the area in which you will be working.
If you are running your own independent business with only 1 or 2 cars, instant taxi insurance can supply the necessary cover and assistance when you need it most, such as providing you with a replacement vehicle should yours be unfit for the road, getting you back on the highway with as little stress as possible. Other instant taxi insurance policies may even offer additional cover in the form of roadside assistance should you break down.

If you are the owner of a taxi fleet, instant taxi insurance allows you to insure more than one driver to a vehicle, but just bear in mind that s will push the cost of the premiums up. Younger drivers registered to a vehicle will also cost more to insure than older drivers also registered to the same car.