Since their first appearance in 1922, Jaguar cars have been seen as a model of luxury and assurance of quality. It is only in recent years that certain models have become more affordable, while still retaining the prestige of the Jaguar brand and are now seen as an ideal choice as a taxi.

Models such as the XJ are a popular choice with taxi drivers, and with good reason. These roomy, comfortable vehicles can seat four passengers easily, ensuring an enjoyable ride for customers, whether around town or on a longer run. The Jaguar brand’s assurance of luxury makes it a winner for weddings and other special events. The XJ’s glass roof creates a stunning impression of space from inside the car, which will make any journey more enjoyable.

There are many companies offering cheap taxi insurance, but price should not be your only consideration when taking out cover for a Jaguar taxi. Different insurers will include things like windscreen and tyre cover in the policy, while others will charge extra, so often what looks like a cheap deal may end up being more expensive. It is worth looking into specialist insurers when taking out cover on a luxury car such as a Jaguar.

Although the cost of repairs, servicing and maintenance will naturally be more for a luxury car, such as a Jaguar taxi, this will be offset in the long run by the benefits of owning such a vehicle. Taxi passengers will enjoy their ride more, adding something extra to their special occasion, and this can be reflected in hire charges. When a Jaguar taxi draws up to collect them, and drops them off at their destination, passengers will be happy with a journey in comfort and luxury. Looking at it long-term, a Jaguar taxi will more than earn back its initial price, whether you are buying new or used.