The Korean brand, Kia, has cleverly targeted the European market with a range of vehicles, from the Picanto runabout to the Magentis, up to the impressive seven-seat Sedona. These last two models have become increasingly popular with taxi drivers.

The main selling point about Kia taxis is that they are cheap to buy, and consequently cheap to insure, but there is much more to the range than their attractive initial price. Fuel economy is naturally a big plus, but the build quality is superb throughout and taxi customers won’t ever get the impression that they are riding in a cheap vehicle once they set off. Kia cars come with an impressive range of features included as standard.

Across the range, used Kia taxis will hold their price and their reliability, which is ideal as you won’t want your vehicle to be off the road for any length of time. This reliability is reflected in the price and range of options when taking out Kia taxi insurance. In a competitive market, insurers are all battling against each other to get your business and a little research is sure to find you a good deal.

While not at the luxury end of the market, Kia cars are dependable, if a little anonymous in design. They are ideal for everyday use, while the interior, although not luxurious, is comfortable enough for both driver and passengers. This no-frills approach has seen Kia cars become increasingly popular with both the domestic and taxi market. Investing in a Kia taxi, whether new or used, is a sensible option for a professional driver. It is a brand that can be relied upon to give good service for many years, and with its increasing acceptance in the UK, will be seen by taxi customers as a make of car to be trusted, whether just around town or on longer journeys.