Japanese cars have come a long way in the UK population’s perception in the last couple of decades. Their previous reputation as cheap tin boxes on wheels has long been eradicated by more impressive build quality, and nowhere is this better demonstrated than in the Lexus range, Toyota’s luxury division.

Originally taking their styling from Mercedes, there are echoes of Jaguar and BMW in later models. But wherever the inspiration came from, Lexus cars are now up there competing with other models at the luxury end of the market. This quality, at a cheaper initial price than comparable makes, has made Lexus cars popular with taxi drivers.

Styling inside and out gives an instant impression of good quality design and build. From the inside, the choice of materials and comfortable ride make Lexus cars just as luxurious as models costing much more. Lexus have also put a lot of thought into engine design, resulting in impressive fuel economy across the range.

When it comes to insuring a Lexus taxi, there are many specialist companies who can tailor a policy to your needs. These companies understand the different requirements of taxi drivers as opposed to those of the general public, and include options such as insuring the vehicle for five or more drivers.

Lexus taxis provide a reliable option for local taxi work, but really come into their own for special occasions, such as weddings, where their luxury styling is appreciated. For longer journeys, such as airport drop-offs and pick-ups, both driver and passengers welcome the comfort of a ride in a Lexus. Although the initial price of any Lexus will obviously be more than more run-of-the-mill makes of taxi, the quality across the range will be appreciated in the long term, both for the owner and his passengers.