Looking For Cheap Taxi Insurance?

There are many considerations and factors to be taken into account when choosing taxi insurance. Different insurance options are widely available to help ensure all of your insurance needs are met.

The age and value of your taxi may help you decide which type of taxi insurance to opt for. It may be a better option for older vehicles, with a value less than the cost of annual Comprehensive insurance, to be covered by a Third Party policy. This will be considerably cheaper as you will be covered for costs caused by you to other vehicles only. The cost of any repair damage to your vehicle will not be covered if you caused the accident, neither will you receive any money if your vehicle is a ’write off’. The other parties insurance will pay for repairs if the damage was caused by their insured driver.

Third Party Fire and Theft insurance is the next cheapest option. This provides you with the same cover as Third Party Only insurance with the added bonus of being covered in case of fire or theft. Again, this type of taxi insurance is more suitable for older taxis.

Comprehensive insurance is recommended for vehicles which have a greater value than the annual insurance premiums. Comprehensive insurance covers the cost of repairs as well as the market value of your taxi. New vehicles may choose to have additional GAP protection which provides the price difference in costs between the insurer’s payout and the amount needed to purchase a new vehicle of the same engine size. GAP protection is an additional payment; it is advisable to ask for details of this from the insurance company.

Other additional flexible taxi insurance includes Public Liability, Employer’s Liability, Local Authority liability, breakdown and roadside assistance, windscreens as well as legal expenses and insurance against personal damages.

The variations in qualifying criteria differ between different insurance companies, so it is best to discuss all options with the insurers or insurance brokers to get the best deal possible.

There are also a number of other factors which may help to reduce the cost of your insurance. Drivers over the age of 21 or 25, depending on the insurance company, are offered discounts on their premiums as they are considered to be less of a risk.

No Claims Discounts can have a huge impact on the amount of insurance you have to pay. Drivers who have a history of no claims will be offered discounts which can in some cases reduce the cost of their insurance by over 50%. New taxi drivers with a no claims discount earned on private cars can also be rewarded with generous discounts.

Many insurers are offering the choice of short term policies such as weekly, monthly or quarterly for specific post codes within the UK. While other insurers have monthly repayment options on comprehensive insurance policies to help spread the cost.

All taxi insurance has an excess of around £250, to help lower the cost of insurance further it may be possible to increase the amount of the excess. This may lower the premiums; however it may not be a cost effective saving if you need to make a claim on an older vehicle.