Minibus Insurance Advice- a Buyers Guide

Insurance for a minibus, as with any motor vehicle, is required by the law. The minimum level is Third Party cover but this is a very basic policy. The minibus owner is risking a large bill if something were to happen that required a claim.

Uses for a minibus can include transport for nursing homes, schools, local authorities and charities. Popular commercial uses include taxis, hotel transport and employee transport. Each use has different potential risks that need to be covered by the minibus insurance and often a policy will be tailored to these specific requirements.

The three main types of policy cover are Comprehensive, Third Party Fire and Theft, and Third Party Only.

As mentioned earlier, Third Party is the minimum level of insurance cover as required by law. It will cover liability for death or injury to third parties, liability for damage to other people’s property and legal costs in connection to claims against your policy.

By adding Fire and Theft the minibus is covered if damaged when stolen or being involved in a fire.

Comprehensive is the highest level of minibus insurance and will cover most risks. These may include providing medical expenses after an accident, replacing personal effects lost after a theft or accident, and insuring against damage to the minibus’s windows and windscreen.

There are certain ‘add ons’ that can be applied to each policy, depending on the minibus’s use. Additional public liability may be needed if the vehicle is carrying fee paying passengers or European breakdown cover for minibuses that travel regularly to the continent.

If travelling to Europe the insurance policy will require a green card. Many insurance providers now include this as standard. It will enable the minibus to be driven abroad with the same level of cover, for a maximum period of 90 days.

Whatever policy is chosen it is better to be ‘safe than sorry’, especially if there is the extra responsibility of transporting passengers. If the minibus is used by many different drivers then leave a copy of the policy in the vehicle in case it is required after an accident.

To avoid paying too much for minibus insurance, seek advice from a specialist insurance provider such as the They will tailor a policy to the vehicle’s specific requirements and ensure there are no unexpected surprises when making a claim.