Nissan offers a range of cars with a difference – it has no real medium-sized family saloon, but offers many options either side, from city cars to the impressive seven-seater Pathfinder and Qashqai.

Taxi drivers choosing a Nissan are impressed by fuel economy on all models. Base models attract a lower than average insurance premium, which is another plus point, and their lower carbon emissions mean a lower rate of tax for many Nissan cars. The electric Leaf, with a range of 73 miles between charges, is not yet as popular, but a sure sign of the future for taxis when batteries eventually have a longer life.

In common with other Japanese makes of car, Nissans are no longer regarded as cheap and unreliable. Customers are spoilt these days, and expect at least the impression of quality in a car’s interior. Nissan have gone a little better than this, and choosing a Nissan taxi is a good idea if you want your customers to benefit from a luxury interior and comfortable ride. Attention to detail and the use of quality materials, both inside and out, have given Nissan taxis a competitive edge.

The Nissan range has now earned a reputation for reliability. Insurance premiums are also favourable when compared to similar vehicles from other manufacturers. These factors, plus attractive showroom prices, have seen more and more Nissan taxis on the road. The models also hold their value, so second-hand Nissan taxis are often a bargain.

As the price of fuel continues to rise, and no-one knows where it will end, Nissan’s economical vehicles, whether petrol or diesel, are a sensible choice, especially for taxi drivers who specialise in airport runs and other long-distance journeys. But around town, too, their economy is just one of many factors that will make choosing a Nissan taxi a sensible option.