The Peugeot range has many vehicles suited for taxi work, but the star of the show is undoubtedly the E7. Based on the classic London taxi, but restyled for today’s needs and expectations, the E7 is one of the few purpose-built taxis to be produced by mainstream manufacturers. With plenty of room for wheelchairs, luggage and passengers, the model is becoming increasingly favoured across the country. Customers will be delighted when an E7 draws up to take them away – it certainly has the edge over mainstream cars used as taxis.

Away from this, Peugeot’s range offers many opportunities for taxi drivers, from family cars, such as the 508, to the larger Bipper, Partner and Expert which offer seating for up to six passengers. All of these offer modern, clean styling outside, and interiors which demonstrate superb attention to detail and quality components. Peugeot taxis offer a smooth, comfortable ride for both passenger and driver. Newer models also offer Stop and Start technology, which improves fuel economy and drastically cuts carbon emissions.

As a popular make of taxi, there are many competitive insurance deals on the market, and by looking around, you could save a fortune. Many insurers will offer enticements such as roadside assistance and windscreen cover as standard in their policies, so you should find that, in a competitive market, you are getting more for your money.

As many people these days are concerned about the environment, smaller taxis with lower carbon emissions and better fuel economy, are becoming more acceptable to passengers. Smaller cars in the Peugeot range are well worth investigating, as is the new electric Ion. With a range of up to 90 miles from one charge, and a 30-minute quick charge option, the Ion is sure to become popular as a taxi in the near future.