Protect Your Business With Cheap Private Hire Car Insurance

Every single business owner in the UK is struggling with the current economic climate at the moment, so obtaining for cheap private hire car insurance is essential. It is important to remember as a taxi driver, standard domestic car insurance is not enough protection, and could leave the policy invalid.

Getting involved in a road traffic accident is much higher for a private hire taxi driver than any typical person because of the amount of time that is spent on the road. This makes adequate insurance cover incredibly important.

The costs of insurance are putting many small companies out of business, so make sure that you are still on the road for the next year by finding cheap private hire car insurance sooner rather than later. Don’t choose an insurance policy based solely on the price as this may not provide you with the protection that you require, but see if you can reduce the cost of plans by taking away unnecessary cover.

For example, if you are retired and do a few hours extra as a taxi driver to boost your pension, you probably do not cover the same miles as a full-time taxi driver. You may find that you can take out a limited mileage policy for the fraction of the cost of any standard private hire insurance.

Another way to reduce your annual premium is to ensure that you inform the insurer that you actually own the vehicle – car owners are much more likely to maintain their vehicle – meaning that it is less likely to be involved in an RTA.

Finding cheap private hire car insurance is possible but it does take some time and effort, you can compare insurance providers online, do a little research based on your colleague’s experiences, find reviews, or use price comparison tools.

If you are a public hire taxi i.e. you can pick up passengers without a booking, cheap private car hire insurance will not be suitable for you. Public hire policies are usually much more expensive than private ones as the risks are much higher as they spend longer on the road looking for customers.