Although only offering a small selection of vehicles, compared with other manufacturers, two of Proton’s range are ideal for taxi drivers – the Gen-2 and the new, dual-fuel Ecologic. This model runs on either petrol or liquefied petroleum gas (LPG), which means lower fuel costs, lower emissions and lower road tax.

Proton’s Lotus-designed cars are full of features and superb styling that drivers wouldn’t expect on cars which are relatively cheap to buy. The spacious interiors of both the Gen-2 and the Ecologic can seat five adults comfortably, and the finishing touches on upholstery and dashboard compare favourably with cars at the luxury end of the market. The Gen-2 is available in standard or sporty hatchback versions.

As the Proton brand has become more popular in the UK over the last couple of decades, especially with taxi drivers with an eye on economy and value for money, finding insurance for one of these models is just as easy as when searching for cover for a longer-established brand. Even smaller insurance companies will be able to come up with an instant quote, and the inclusion of extras such as roadside assistance from some insurers will mean it is simple to find good value for money.

Superb styling across the Proton range, both inside and out, ensure that it will be a pleasure for taxi passengers to get into one and arrive at their destination in style. The ride in between is sure to be comfortable and smooth, and the journey will be more of a pleasure enclosed by the quality interior. It is little wonder that well-built Proton cars cars hold their value for so long, and are seen as one of the most reliable brands on the market, a huge plus when seen from a taxi driver’s point of view.