Renault is one of the most widely known and respected makes of car across Europe, and its wide range includes four models which are ideal for taxi drivers – the Megane, Scenic, Laguna and seven-seater Espace. The smaller, but versatile Kangoo would also fit the bill as an economical urban taxi, while the nine-seater Trafic is worth considering for those who require a larger private hire vehicle.

The French company have always put a lot of emphasis on style, and its newer models only improve on those that came before. The interiors, too, are stylish, with great attention to detail and superb finishing on the quality materials used throughout. This design thinking ensures customers and drivers can travel in comfort on longer journeys.

But Renaults are not only about style. Engineering innovations developed as a result of Renault’s success in the world of motor sport mean that there is good news under the bonnet, too. Improved performance and, more importantly, greater fuel economy and lower emissions mean that any Renault model is worth serious consideration by taxi drivers, whether it is a new model or a used one.

Insuring a Renault is made easier and cheaper by the improved security features fitted as standard, which will greatly reduce insurance premiums. A specialist Renault taxi insurance company will take these features into account and offer extras to get your business.

Because of their solid build quality and superb engineering, Renault models are seen as one of the most reliable makes of taxi on the market. Less time off the road means less earnings, but a reliable Renault taxi will help drivers to maximise their earnings, especially important in the current economic climate. The taxi driver and his passengers will benefit from the comfort and safety features of any vehicle at the larger end of the Renault range.