Rover is one of the great British car brands. And rightly so. Their classic British style and solid build kept Rover cars at the forefront of the luxury car market for many years. Although no new Rovers have been produced since 2005, it is a sign of this quality in engineering and build, and materials used, which keeps used Rovers popular as taxis.

The spirit of the brand lives on, however, in the MG range, and its MG6 is a good choice for taxi drivers. Although modern and sporty in appearance, the MG6 has echoes in its design of its more illustrious predecessors. Inside, the car has the same kind of top quality finish and styling one would expect from a classic brand, ensuring taxi customers a journey in style. As a taxi, the MG6 compares very well with other vehicles of the same size and in the same price range 

When insuring a used Rover, it is important to remember that older models of even such a respected and reliable brand will develop faults. It is worth thinking about income protection, offered by many specialist Rover taxi insurance companies, if you think that your Rover taxi may be off the road for any length of time. Hopefully this shouldn’t be the case, but for peace of mind it certainly is a sensible option for taxi drivers and other professionals.

But a used Rover should carry on giving you service for many years, as witnessed by the amount of Rovers still in sparkling and robust condition to be seen at classic car shows. Passengers will be impressed by the distinctive British style and the smoothness of their journey. It is often the things you don’t notice which are the most important. Classic styling and features will mean comfort all round, for both taxi driver and passengers.