When it comes to choosing a taxi which is stylish, reliable and affordable, there are many models in the Saab range which are ideal for professional drivers. The Swedish brand has a long history for engineering excellence, as shown by its success down the years in motor sport, and this can be experienced when driving one of the newer Saab models. Superb response and suspension guarantee a smooth ride for driver and passengers alike.

Coming from the icy landscape of Sweden, Saab cars are necessarily built for safety, and their record in this area is second to none. Indeed, it was the first manufacturer to fit seatbelts as standard on its vehicles. This dedication to driving safety is a huge bonus for taxi drivers and a great comfort to their passengers. It is also a big plus when it comes to Saab taxi insurance, and drivers can find good value for money when taking out a policy. There are many Saab approved garages across the country, that offer specialist repair and servicing.

Both inside and out, modern Saabs are stunningly stylish, backed up by the company’s dedication to precision engineering and safety. Passengers won’t be interested in the car’s fuel economy and lower carbon emissions, but will be reassured by its solid build, roomy interior and superb finish. Compared with other vehicles in their class, models such as the 9-5 saloon offer great value for money as a taxi.

Whether ferrying passengers around town or on longer journeys or special occasions, models across the Saab range offer the peace of mind which comes with tried and tested reliability from a company which has been producing quality vehicles since 1949. The renowned size of their cabins and generous legroom will give passengers and driver a comfortable ride every time.