There is a wide variety of models in the Seat range to choose from, and many of these have been chosen and enjoyed by taxi drivers in the UK. Of these, the Ibiza and Altea models have proved extremely popular. The Spanish company has been producing cars since the 1950s, and now exports all around the world, even to Asia.

The main draw as far as Seat taxis is concerned is their inexpensive showroom price. But this is not where their attraction ends, because the Seat brand is synonymous with reliability, and superb fuel economy attracts many professional drivers who are naturally keen to keep running costs down.

Seat cars also fall into one of the lower insurance groups, and this is more good news for taxi drivers, especially in today’s economic situation. Cutting costs is essential as the economy bites, and insuring a Seat taxi will offer a better deal than many cars at their level from other manufacturers.

Early Seat cars had a pleasing elegance of design, both inside and out, redolent of classic American cars of the 1940s and 50s, such as the Buick. This dedication to stylish design has carried through to the present day, and taxi passengers will be happy when a Seat taxi arrives to pick them up, and when it drops them at their destination.

Interior colours and materials are well chosen and the finish inside is second to none. Passengers will not notice the reliability under the bonnet, and of the chassis build in general, but it will reassure any taxi driver who has to use a Seat vehicle to earn a living. This assurance of reliability means that a Seat taxi will spend less time off the road than other vehicles of the same size and showroom price, meaning a more profitable and hassle-free way to work.