If there is one brand of car which has revolutionized both its reputation and its quality in recent years, then that brand is Skoda. Long gone are the days about Skodas being ridiculously cheap and hopeless vehicles, and its latest models are all about quality, style and reliability. The Octavia, in particular, is a wise choice for taxi drivers. Although its exterior styling is nothing spectacular, resembling a hybrid of almost every other saloon car on the road, its reliability and attractive showroom price make the Octavia a model worth serious consideration.

With superb fuel economy on its diesel engines, lower emissions across the range and safety record, a Skoda taxi will attract lower insurance premiums and lower road tax than similar vehicles. This is welcome news for taxi drivers these days, especially when insuring a taxi for more than one driver. Policies that include extras such a roadside assistance, tyre and windscreen cover will be good value for money when taking out Skoda taxi insurance.

While cheap to get on the road, there is no apparent cheapness, either in the feel of a Skoda’s drive or the quality of its components and finish, exterior and interior. The look of Skoda’s vehicles is classic and comforting, rather than trying to be too stylish and self-consciously modern. This means that passengers will have a comfortable ride and not be too distracted by the vehicle in which they are travelling. The smoothness and comfort inside will naturally be of benefit to drivers who will spend their entire working week inside such a vehicle.

Overall, Skoda taxis represent extremely good value for money, and the reassurance of their reliability which will keep the taxi on the road for longer periods of time, is a massive plus in their favour when it comes to choosing either a new or used vehicle.