Supporting Your Employees During COVID-19

Across the world, we have all been impacted in some way by the coronavirus pandemic. Some of us have been impacted in the worse way with the loss of a loved one, others impacted financially via lose of income or work and nearly all of us impacted mentally by the ongoing panic.

Companies need to use this time to stand up and do what is right by their employees to show them they care and help them get through this time. It is the employers that lead this that will find the financial benefits at the end of the tunnel with their brand.

Today we look at three of the ways that employers can go above and beyond to ensure they are helping their employees during this pandemic.

Ask what they need

It’s all good and well guessing what your staff needed based on how well you know them or what you would like in the situation but it’s best speaking to them and finding out what they need.

Charlie Cousins of Hooray Health & Protection tells us to speak to your staff and find out what they are looking for. “We spoke to a client the other day who had employees reaching out to them as they were struggling mentally during the pandemic. We referred them to the mental health counselling they receive from their Private Health Insurance and are now getting the help they need”.

If you don’t ask your employees what’s wrong, then how are you leading the way you want your business to work.

Do what’s right

We have seen a trend in the news of businesses in the UK who have been letting go of staff when they have the option to furlough them via the jobs retention scheme.

Understandably businesses are struggling financially and losing cash holdings until they have reimbursed will be tricky…but remember the UK government will be reimbursing your for this and even if you are letting go of your staff this money could help them more then you know

Think about what you would like an employer to do if you were in the shoes- even if you are planning to let your staff go, there is nothing against furloughing them until we have further updates.

Ask for help

Remember your not in this alone and there are millions of other businesses who are going through these unprecedented times just like you are. These business owners also don’t know what to do and are looking for advice.

Reach out to business partners, friends, business forums or even your competitors and find out what they are doing and if you can support each other.

We are all in this together and they may be able to help support you in ways where you would not have though to do yourself.