In common with other Japanese cars, Suzuki have shrugged off the old cheap and cheerful tag and now produce a range of admirable vehicles. All finished to high specification and with a modern design ethic, Suzukis are desirable both as taxis and family vehicles.

The Swift and Grand Vitara models, in particular, are ideally suited for use as taxis. With competitive showroom prices, they also represent good value for money, as these well-built cars will hold their price until long after the warranty has run out.

The standard safety features included in all new Suzuki cars means that they fall into a lower insurance group than would be imagined. This is great news for anyone wishing to take out Suzuki taxi insurance, especially when it is insured for more than one named driver. Coupled with lower emissions, which means lower road tax, a Suzuki will get you on the road at a very attractive price.

But this undoubted value for money doesn’t mean that the company has cut corners on quality of build or the components used, either under the bonnet or in the cabin. Stylish and elegant use of colours and materials in the interior will give a pleasant ride to all passengers and driver. The responsive suspension will ensure that passengers will notice the scenery outside the window and not be bothered by the car in which they are travelling.

The Swift, while not quite the size of a family saloon, has a surprising amount of room inside, and is ideal for taxi work around town. The Grand Vitara, on the other hand, gives a much more spacious ride, ideally suited for longer journeys, such as taking parties to the airport and back. Whichever Suzuki taxi you choose, the reliability of the brand will offer peace of mind and great economy all round.