Taxi Insurance Brokers Offer Discounts Online

Motor insurance companies are able to offer a variety of different categories of insurance cover for any type of vehicle. Many specialise in specific vehicles such as car, van, MPV, taxi and minicabs.

They have teams of consultants who are able to offer expert advice in the fields of insurance they specialise in. Therefore finding a specialist insurer is in your best interest and provides peace of mind that the insurance being offered is appropriate to your business needs.

Taxi insurance is offered by many insurance companies all of whom are in direct competition with each other. As such they offer different amounts of discounts and other incentives in an attempt to gain your custom.

Finding competitive taxi insurance is no longer time consuming. With virtually all long established insurance companies have their own websites or work in partnership with online brokers. The insurance market is expanding all the time. New insurance companies and brokers are making use of Internet shopping and are offering some very enticing incentives for new customers.

Many insurance companies appreciate that you may not be able to spend hours trying to find the most competitive quotes; as such they offer phone back services. You chose the day and time range which fits in with your work commitments and they phone you back to discuss your individual needs.

It should be appreciated that although many offer to return calls during the evenings they do not work all day and all night! Of course online quotes can be obtained 24/7.

On and off line insurance companies will need to know certain things about the driver, business needs and past driving and insurance history in order for them to calculate and provide a competitive insurance quote.

Having a no claims discount for over four or five years is the simplest way to reduce the taxi insurance. Insurers reward safe drivers who can prove they have not made any claims by offering very generous discounts. It is also possible to protect any no claims discounts. This enables a number of claims to be made while retaining the no claims discount the following year.

Protecting a no claims discount will add to the premiums in most cases, however the potential savings in future premiums off sets this. Taxi drivers can often transfer no claims discounts earned on private cars to their taxi insurance. This maybe this is one of the questions you should ask!

Some taxi insurance companies will provide cover for a spouse to drive the vehicle for social and domestic use under the same taxi insurance. Exemptions and restrictions apply to all insurance policies. Points such as the amount of excess, restricted mileage can make a big difference the premiums. It is important to read them all before making a decision.

Remember the insurance brokers and companies are available and more than willing to discuss any queries you may have either online or by phone. Many online companies have a Frequently Asked Questions section to check before making a phone call.