The Best Place to Find Cheap Taxi Insurance

Low cost taxi insurance is becoming easy to find with the increase of online brokers. All brokers wish to take the tedium out of finding the most competitive deals on your behalf. Many offer added incentives to try and catch your attention such as statements that they will beat any price, like for like, that you may find elsewhere.

The online brokers ask for an online form to be completed after which they provide the details to the taxi insurance companies they work in partnership with. If you have concerns about your details being passed to third parties, look for the brokers who promise not to disclose your information, other than to the insurance companies. Some brokers also give a promise not to bombard you with Spam emails! Although they will undoubtedly send you reminders about your taxi insurance as they hope you will continue to use their services in following years.

A point to remember is that the brokers are not necessarily in partnership with the same insurance companies, therefore you may decide to ask more than one broker to find you the best and most competitive deals.

With the ever increasing costs of insurance premiums many people are looking for the cheapest price possible. In order to be the ‘cheapest’ many insurance companies are removing aspects of cover which were originally included and offering them as optional extras, which have to be paid for in addition to the ‘cheap’ price. It is therefore advisable to realise that cheapest is not always the best option. In fact with some insurance quotes by the time all your requirements have been added as extras the cheap price may actually become more expensive than other offers which meet your requirements.

When looking at and comparing online taxi insurance sites it may be beneficial if you look at the Frequently Asked Questions, FAQ, section. These ca be extremely helpful and not only provide you with any specific information but also jog your memory as to the type of things you would like included in your quote. Such as, whether private hire and public hire are included on the same policy, what to do should you need to make a claim and paying by instalments.

‘Immediate’ or ‘quick’ quotes are offered by some online brokers. These are calculated on the information you complete on the quote form. A ‘quick’ quote may give you an idea of how much the policy will cost you. For more details and peace of mind it may be preferential to phone or use the call back service to speak with a specialist taxi insurance consultant to ensure you are being quoted for a policy which meets your individual requirements.

Another thing you may wish to look out for when using online brokers is that they are authorised and regulated by the Financial Services Authority (FSA). The FSA are a non-governmental body whose objectives include promoting public awareness of the financial system and securing the appropriate degree of protection for consumers. Advertising online the fact that they are authorised and regulated by the FSA indicates that the taxi insurance companies meet the FSA requirements.