There Are Ways To Find The Cheapest Private Hire Car Insurance

Finding the cheapest private hire taxi insurance in the UK is something that all taxi firms strive to achieve. Private hire taxis are very popular with taxi firms as the cars can be on the road less due to their need to be booked in advance. This means that the insurance can be a little lower than public hire vehicles which patrol city centres looking for fares. As a result, there are many competitive quotes available.

Statistics show that taxis are more likely to be involved in road accidents, mainly due to the sheer amount of time that is spent on the road. As a result, insurance premiums are higher than the average driver and this cost is then passed onto the customer. However, as private hire taxis are on the roads less, the insurance costs are lower and hence lower prices can be charged to the customer, which makes hiring a private taxi not as expensive as a public taxi.

Despite the taxi driver or taxi firm needing to pay higher premiums for potential car repairs, customer liability, third parties, as well as the driver and passengers, there are ways to find the cheapest private hire car insurance. By checking quotes and weighing up the options of what is included within the policy, you can make a choice that is not only sufficient in terms of cover but also an affordable rate to keep the annual costs of running the taxi down.

In many cases, private hire taxis are part of a fleet and therefore many cars need insured, which is also available from insurance companies. Usually a bulk-buy discount is applied for the firm and this makes it even more affordable to run private hire taxis. These types of taxis a more likely to be well-maintained as they aren’t on the roads as much, the insurance can be less as a result of the maintenance.

As with any insurance, finding the best prices can be tricky but it doesn’t mean it’s impossible. If you have a taxi or a fleet, using online quotes to find the cheapest private hire car insurance is now easier than ever.