Toyota now offers a huge variety of cars to choose from, starting with the tiny iQ and ending with the Hiace van. In between, the Verso, Avensis and Prius models offer a solid choice for taxi drivers. Low carbon emissions from these cars will attract lower road tax and please anyone worried about pollution.

The Japanese company has put a lot of thought into the exterior and interior styling of every model and variation in the range, and all of their vehicles will give the impression of a vehicle with a much higher showroom price. Because of build quality, a used Toyota will also represent good value for money when shopping around for a new taxi. The unique looks across the Toyota range shows that designers have put a lot of thought into making their vehicles stand out in the crowd, and taxi passengers will enjoy getting in and out of any Toyota taxi.

There are many specialist taxi insurers who are competing for your money at present, and who will offer all sorts of enticements to gain your business, and keep you as a long-term customer. Comforting factors such as breakdown assistance, and free courtesy cars if you happen to be off the road, are sure to mean that Toyota taxi insurance is good value for money when you find the right deal for you. Just remember that cheapest is not always best.

Just as stylish as the exteriors, the interiors of Toyota taxis will give customers a pleasant ride. The intelligent and thoughtful use of materials, and the finish of them, will make any journey in a Toyota taxi a comfortable one. With a surprising amount of legroom and ample luggage space, a Toyota Verso, Avensis or Prius will satisfy all of a taxi driver’s needs, and those of his passengers.