Once upon a time, it seemed that every taxi in the UK was a Vauxhall Cavalier. Times have moved on and the taxi market is flooded with different makes, but choosing a Vauxhall taxi is still a sensible option. The Cavalier has long gone, but newer models, such as the Zafira and Insignia, have not only replaced it but improved greatly in every area. Vauxhall have rejuvenated what was once a derided and sluggish brand, and build quality and looks are much better, necessarily to compete in an overcrowded family saloon market.

Both the Zafira and Insignia offer a wide variety of engine sizes and styles. This is great news for taxi drivers who may need to tailor their choice of vehicle depending on whether they mostly travel on long journeys or short trips around town.

The stylish exterior looks of the latest Vauxhall models are echoed when it comes to the interiors. The overall finish of their surprisingly roomy cabins is stylish but not intrusive, subtly finished in high-quality materials. There is also generous luggage space. For the taxi driver, the dashboard instruments and controls are cleverly arranged for maximum control and information on the move. The high level of comfort is especially welcome for drivers who will spend many hours behind the wheel, and also for their customers who will enjoy the smooth ride.

Improved safety considerations in recent times mean that Vauxhall drivers can take advantage of competitive pricing when taking out Vauxhall taxi insurance. Insurers will offer many inducements to gain new customers, and not by just offering the cheapest price, and vehicle safety is taken into consideration.

Another advantage of a Vauxhall taxi is that as they are such a popular and reliable car, replacement parts are easy to find and cheap as well. This means that any off-road time will be kept to a minimum, offering even better value for money.