VW offers a wide variety of models in its range, themselves available in a choice of engine size and specifications. Popular models for taxi drivers include the Passat, Jetta and larger Touareg. Volkswagen cars, with their renowned German engineering, all offer a standard of reliability which is envied by many other manufacturers.

The company has long been at the forefront of developing new technology, and the safety record of its fleet means that Volkswagen taxi insurance is often considerably lower than that for cars of similar specification. Also, due to their renowned reliability, insurance options such as income protection will come at a cheaper price with some insurers. Volkswagen engineers and designers’ research into both safety and lower emissions have been copied by a large number of their competitors.

Greater reliability means less time off the road, so earnings are sustained. Also, a taxi service prides itself on its own reliability, and driving a VW taxi means there is less chance of letting customers down and spoiling your company’s reputation.

Apart from both the classic and the new Beetle, Volkswagen cars don’t exactly turn the head. The emphasis is on solidity of style, a reassuring look which doesn’t try too hard to get notice. Instead, a VW taxi will give an immediate impression of trust and reliability. This impression is carried through to the inside, which will provide all the legroom that passengers could wish for, and more than ample space for their luggage. Once again, the upholstery finish inside is never too flashy, but gives an air of competent build and unfussy attention to detail.

Add to this the comfort in which driver and passengers travel, and you have a brand of cars which will offer not just value for money, but a travelling experience which is guaranteed to be hassle-free.