The Swedish manufacturer Volvo has been producing cars since 1927, but it is only in recent years that the range’s styling, both inside and out, has looked anything like up to date. Some of its brick-like models from the 70s and 80s are still showing their ugly faces on UK roads, which says a lot about the solidity of a Volvo’s build and their renowned longevity.

Modern Volvos are ideal for taxi drivers, particularly the V estates and S saloons. Their enviable safety record and reliability means that Volvo taxi insurance is widely available at competitive prices when compared with similar models from other manufacturers. Being such a popular make of car in the UK means that there is a wide range of insurance cover options available for a fast quote.

Although the updated exterior styling won’t cause any gasps of astonishment, Volvos have the look of a solid, dependable vehicle, and taxi passengers will no doubt be reassured when a Volvo taxi pulls up at their door. But it is when inside the vehicle that is the most important factor when choosing a new taxi. The finish inside a modern Volvo is, like the outside, functional but finished to a superb specification. Volvos have always been a larger car than most, and there is plenty of room inside for passengers, both for their legs and space between each other, as well as more than adequate luggage space.

While a Volvo may not look spectacular, this is not the first thing on a taxi driver’s mind. He will want functionality and reliability, a good re-sale value and peace of mind that the vehicle will spend longer on the road. Modern Volvos offer all of these, plus a level of comfort which will put passengers at their ease and make a taxi driver’s working life more enjoyable and profitable.